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Tribe is the work of Tim Hickford. Started in 2021 it is the result of a need seen to exist in the world of fitness and those who are part of it. 

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Tim Hickford

I have been obsessed with the human bodies capabilities and limitations all my adult life. Firstly it's physical ones and then it's mental ones. I have dedicated considerable time and energy into both. 


Alongside 16 years of my own training I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years and ran my own training facility for 8.

I have trained, both serving and potential, members of the police, fire and military (including special forces), aspiring athletes in varying sports and people who want to go that bit further with their fitness.

I believe fitness, true fitness, is a lifestyle and isn't something you achieve with 3 hours work a week. I will help anyone achieve their goals if they are willing to work as hard as I am on them.