What is Tribe?

Updated: Apr 24

Tribe is the start of something we feel is lacking in the world. It is a place for the dedicated and hard working people bent on self improvement and elite physical and mental ability to come together and learn.

At the moment Tribe is a concept: a white board of thoughts, plans, ideas and promises. It will start with this blog and a podcast delivering the extensive knowledge of our founder and the people he surrounds himself with but it will become more as the need is identified and the opportunities noticed.

Our whiteboard is full of many a nights discussion, plenty of passing thoughts and some well hammered out ideas. We are ready to start the journey of sharing them with you.

Why Tribe?

A tribe is 'a social division with a common culture'. We think this suitably identifies the sub section of people pursing their fitness that want to commit to more.

The world is full of people who train / exercise / go to the gym but only a small proportion of those people take this journey seriously. Very few of them acknowledge the process it will take and not only accept it but embrace it.

As a whole we constantly seek to make life an easier journey and that is no different with fitness. But we don't want it to be easy. We don't want shortcuts, gimmicks or fads. We want tried and tested, simple and effective methods of creating better humans. We want to surround ourselves with the people who want and pursue the same and we want to help them do it in the most effective way possible. We want to create a tribe.

But how?

We believe that education is primary. The power that comes with understanding the how's and the why's is indescribable. If you truly want people to buy into a journey and trust it's process they need to know why. We want to help educate our community on what we identify as the three components of elite physicality: movement, nutrition and mindset. The power of these three words is for another post.

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