Who is Tim and what does he do?

Updated: Apr 24

Tim is our founder and lead creator (more of why we use the term creator in a bit) and the impatient mind behind everything we hope Tribe becomes.

Tim has been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has always been drawn to the less (or more, depending on your perspective) obvious facets of human performance and fitness. Not content with the 'normal' gym environment and the elements of health and well being put forward by glossy magazines he searched for more, devouring the early writings of both Greg Glassman and Mark Twight.

Inspired and awakened Tim began to delve deeper into the rabbit holes of movement, nutrition and mindset and over the next ten years would hone his skill set working on both himself and others.

Having run a successful CrossFit affiliate for 8 years and competing to a respectable level in functional fitness Tim decided to take a step back from the 'box' life and focus in on his true passion and dream - to work with those on the same path and of the same mindset as himself. With a notebook full of ideas, his own drive and his experiences so far he launched Tribe in early 2021 and is chomping at the bit to develop it.

Within Tribe Tim is our lead creator. He writes our weekly programming, authors the majority of our blog posts and trains our clients. We use the term creator because that is what we feel is our primary role. We create content, plans, programmes and the environment for people to develop their physical performance to wherever they need to be. In short, we create.

As well as our blog posts, podcast and other educational resources Tim is also available for remote coaching, personalised programming and nutrition plans. His goal is to help those seeking more to improve their movement, fine tune their nutrition and develop their mindset.

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